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In 1992 The Caroline Movement launched a radio station from a ship, the MV Galexy which was anchored about 1 mile from Walton on Naze in Essex. This was the very first legal offshore radio station, possibily in the world, at least in Europe.
​ I have set this page up to invite people to post any memories they have of this station, pictures, videos, airchecks or just your stories of how you came about the station.
Offshore Radio 1584 broadcast during August 1992 after the Caroline Movement was granted the first Restricted Service Licence, by the then DTI, to broadcast a music radio station from a vessel "anchored not more than a mile" off the UK coast. The location of was off Walton on The Naze, Essex. The CM also ran a Convention in the Naze Mariner to coincide with the broadcasts. These events marked the 25 years that had passed since the Marine etc Broadcasting Act was enacted on 14 August 1967 and had brought an end to offshore broadcasting in the UK (except for Radio Caroline that has endured, in its many guises, to the present day, albeit now landbased and on satellite and internet - the ship itself still lives on too).
Offshore Radio 1584 - 'Sounding Fine on 189' was only allowed to run for 28 days but during that time it certainly made its mark and set the stage for the many offshore RSLs by other stations that have been run since then

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